Osasto: Avainsana tuotteelle

1.First steps comp. J-P Piirainen
There are so many first steps one have to take during life. These notes are some of those steps.

2.Sohvasottiisi / Couch schottish comp. J-P Piirainen
How hard it can be to get up from the couch and start working? Sometimes really hard!

3.Dance with me comp. J-P Piirainen
Dance. Feel the movement, feel the other. No words needed.

4.FWE / Flying with the eagle comp. J-P Piirainen
Small bird want’s to do big things and fly like an eagle. Tribute tune for Mr. Tommy Emmanuel

5.Reinländer-Halling trad. Arr. J-P Piirainen
Traditional tune from Norway.

6.Hannun hambo / Hannu’s hambo Comp. Hannu Seppänen arr. J-P piirainen
Hambo tune with a weird twist.

7.Phennela Menge trad. Arr. J-P Piirainen
Traditional gypsy song from Finland.

8.Holotna / Cold Comp. J-P Piirainen
Keep the cold away! Fight with it!

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9.Harmaajärvi / Grey lake Comp. J-P Piirainen
Deep waters can be calm but also roar like a lion.

10.Häävirsi / Wedding hymn Comp. J-P Piirainen
Composed wedding gift.

11.Talven alkua / First snow Comp. J-P Piirainen
In fall everything is cold and silent. There is peace until first snow starts it’s dance down from the sky.