Million Marks

Million Marks

Million Marks

”We didn’t come to funk around, we came to get the funk down.” – D-Willy

Million Marks are a funk-hop-rock band with blisteringly original tunes that move fans from different lands. Their style is a nasty blend of hip-hop, rock, funk and soul with hints of blues and jazz which cannot be imitated or duplicated.

Headline slots at events such as the St Petersburg Tattoo Festival (Russia) and Joen Yö (Finland) prove that they bring the heat every time they meet. A string of outstanding performances at festivals such as Kronfest paved the way for the band’s signing to Pilfink Records for the Complex Simplicity EP, released in the fall of 2012. The first single release, Bathroom Love, catapulted the band to number 26 on the ReverbNation charts for all of Finland last year, easily outperforming major label releases.

The cast of characters are as diverse as it gets:
– Frontman D-Willy hails from Tallahassee, Florida, USA, where he was raised singing gospel choir. He has a range of influences from hip-hop to classic rock, funk, soul and blues. Whether he’s working the mic or working the barbecue, D-Willy takes no prisoners and accepts no compromise. His eclectic, authentic, hell-raising southern style gives Million Marks an original flavor which is impossible to copy.
– Guitarist Santeri Endman has spent a long career in music as a guitarist and producer. He has played in a number of bands which span the spectrum of genres including heavy metal, jazz, rock and classical. He is locked in an eternal battle for supremacy with his effects pedal rig, which is so complex it has developed a personality of its own.
– Piano player Tu Tu is probably the most accomplished musician in the bunch. He is is the chameleon of the keys, well known for his amazing ability to fit any format and play in any genre. He is currently under several recording contracts, and will be featured on six different albums this year throughout Europe.
– Bob Thailand is an anomaly. His name may suggest pornography, but in fact he makes love only to his bass guitar. Fortunately the resulting sound is awesome enough to take anyone’s mind off their base instincts. Bob has played a range of music including rock, funk and soul, and has extensively studied folk music. His performing and writing abilities coupled with a ton of attitude make him a formidable force in the lower frequencies. Subwoofers beware.
– Tero Negro is the keeper of the beat, the heartbeat of the band, the driving force behind the music, and the devourer of all nearby foodstuffs. Tero is a consummate professional and brings a unique drive and momentum to the band, both on and off the stage. Scientific studies have determined that he is an outstanding drummer; the vexed question of whether he is a hipster or not requires further research.
– Nobody knows who made Analogue Rob or what he was doing before Million Marks found him, although many of his components are stamped ”Made in England” which may provide a clue. Now that the band have restored him to working condition, it seems his electric piano and sax playing is tight, his towering heap of electronics is 100% analogue, and he Has The Funk. That’s all Million Marks needs to know.

Million Marks are known for rocking shows with hard-hitting performances that infect crowds and force them to move. If you want to be moved too, just open your mind and listen.

”It’s all about the music. Always.” – Million Marks

For booking information please contact:
Tuomas A. Turunen
+358 50 3538350
+336 40 100027
Timo Seppälä
+358 40 0531563

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