Marta Dolzadelli

Marta Dolzadelli

Born in 1986, the Italian guitarist Marta Dolzadelli has started playing at 11 and since then she has been awarded in many national and International competitions.
One of her greatest accomplishments was in March 2012, when she was awarded the second prize in the ”Ivor Mairants guitar competition” in London, organized by the prestigious ”Worshipful company of musicians”.
She also gained the first prize in other national and international competitions such as “Città di Voghera”, “S. Ambrogio” in Alassio in 2002, “Rospigliosi” in Lamporecchio in 2004, “Città di Gorizia” in 2004, “Musica in Luce 2004” in Milan, “Rocco Peruggini” in Milan,“Riviera Etrusca” in 2010 and she was in the final round in Westfalian Guitar Spring competition in 2010. In 2011 she was selected to play ”Concierto del Sur” by Ponce with the Brescia Conservatoire Orchestra.
She has performed throughout Europe and in 2010 she made her debut in USA (California).
She graduated summa cum laude in 2011 and from 2000 she has attended masterclasses in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria with world- famous guitarists such as Oscar Ghiglia, Pavel Steidl, Tilman Hoppstock and masterclasses in chamber music with the outstanding Italian violinist Cristiano Rossi and Martin Hornstein, member of the Altenberg Trio Wien. From 2005 to 2012 she improved instrumental technique and interpretation with Andrea Dieci and Bruno Giuffredi at “Accademia Regondi” in Milan.
In 2014 the Italian label ”Sinfonica” released her first solo album Frames, featuring modern and contemporary compositions inspired by figurative arts. The album has been enthusiastically reviewed by many national and international guitar magazines such as Classical guitar magazine and Seicorde.


Marta Dolzadelli
1 Omaggio a Bruno Munari (2015)

Marko Rutanen
2 Northern Spells (2016)

Marco Ramelli
SHADES Sonata-fantasia (2017)
Around Stonehenge Ruins

3 I- Preludio rituale
4 II- Andantino un po’ capriccioso
5 III- Ritmico e misterioso
6 IV- Epilogo

Patrik Kleemola
Guitar Sonata A Walk to the Mysterious Woods (2012)

7 A Walk with Birdsong’ Dolce ma appassionato
8 Along the Brook’ Luminoso
9 Song(s) from the Arctic’ Andante lentamente
10 Return…’ Maestoso ma capriccioso

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