Janne Malinen

Janne Malinen

Janne Malinen aloitti opinnot 12-vuotiaana Savonlinnan musiikkiopistossa Pentti Malisen oppilaana. Vuonna 2001 Janne valmistui Sibelius-Akatemiasta erinomaisin arvosanoin suoritettuun Musiikin maisterin tutkintoon opettajanaan Jukka Savijoki.

Vuonna 2000 hän suoritti niin ikään erinomaisin arvosanoin Postgraduate Performance Diploma:n ja LRAM-opettajatutkinnon Lontoon Kuninkaallisesta Musiikkiakatemiasta, jossa opettajina toimivat Michael Lewin, Timothy Walker ja John Mills.


Review from Kitaristi 2/2009 (Finnish classical guitar magazine)

”Robin Tritschler reaches the sorrow and, in this context always mentioned,
melancholy with care – in some few moments it colours his voice almost down.”

”Tritschlers voice is beautiful and he sings beautifully also in places where there
is possibility to stronger expression (for example Dear, if You Change …black as
hell…/ Come Heavy Sleep). Of course one of the performers missions is to choose the
personal views of the material and calibrate them in relation to listeners. From
this collection of songs the best, in my opinion, were strongly performed Full
Fathom Five an In Darkness Let Me Dwell.”

In songs Janne is presence, available. *In four fantasias (Rosseters wide chromatic,
Johnsons with clear theme and two Dowlands: A Fancy – not the one that is favored by
guitarists – and Forlorn Hope Fancy – downwards chromatic) Janne is great. All the
time ears far from notes, so the spans are long – greating expectations and details.
in this material he seems surprisingly more free than in his first record. Rich
tone and strong shaping… also in Darkness Let Me Dwell… expressive.
Fragilia (2006) levystä sanottua:

”Tommi Kärkkäisen rummutteluun yltyvän Fragilian mukaan nimetty levy on täysosuma. Janne Malisen taiturillisissa käsissä kitarasta puhkeaa loputtoman sävykäs, harvinaisen kauniisti äänitetty sointimaailma. Jazzista, rockista tai kansanmusiikista kimmokkeensa saaneet kappaleet on valittu taiten.”

(Helsingin Sanomat 31.12.2006, Jukka Isopuro)

”… Kaikkiaan kyse on loistokitaristista, joka tavoittaa postmodernin melankolian sävyt luontevasti ja tiluttaa virtuoosikuvioita kursailematta.”

(Yle1Uudet levyt 25.1.2007, Kare Eskola)

”The opening Minoru work was written for the Japanese Koto in 1973 and arranged for guitar shortly after. Wonderfully evocative, this was hauntingly played by Malinen and is a great opener to this CD.”

” The Iannarelli was Satiesque with its title of Three Miles Sketches, and yet having seven separate movement, three Sketches, a Preludio, two Interludos, and a Postludio in memory of Miles Davis. Fabulous! The Music evoked to a certain extent the jazz world of Miles Davis and with it use of certain unusual tunings managed to sound very exotic throughout.”

”The majority of this CD was oriental in its harmonic sound. Much of it was very entertaining and enjoyable, and all of it was beautifully played and captured in sound. There is probably very little the listener will have heard before and as such I can generally recommend this CD as an exiting excursion into the exotic.”

(Classical Guitar Magazine 06/2009, Chris Dumigan

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