Chamber Music by Composer Carita Holmström

Carita Holmström (b. 1954) is un unexeptionally versatile musician, composer and performer
from Finland. Though mostly known to the larger audience as a singer-songwriter of songs in
popjazz-, latin and chanson styles since the 70 s, and also for her compositions for theatre, two
ballets and three musicals, one chamber opera etc., her classical chamber music is very little known
to others than the professional music scene.
This year of 2022 the record company Pilfink is releasing two CDs with her chamber music
works between 1991-2014, recorded by i.a. YLE, The Finnish Broadcasting Company.
The name HIDDEN STORIES refers to the fact that this is an aspect of Holmström´s music not
many have heard. These records will thus give a deeper insight into an artist that has always
followed her own path and wanted to keep the doors open to different musical genres.
On this record we also hear many of the best chamber musicians in Finland through the years
giving their inspired interpretations and technical brilliance to these works:
TrioTapiola, Meta4, Margareta Haverinen (Brandt), Riku Niemi, Matilda Kärkkäinen, Ilkka
Teerijoki, Joonas Pohjonen, Jan Lehtola, Eira Ojanen, Reija Oksanen among others.

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