Jukka Harju

I grew up in Kokkola, a town by the coast, where the sea offered food and transportation as well as humidity and coldness. In the freezing midwinter the final barrier for land transformed into a solid ice field to ski or travel even by car. At the freezing point the water – base of life – changes dramatically. My musical career has some similarities with it: one moment it was the biggest source of joy and suddenly it challenged everything. As a child music took me to EBU:s Young soloist concert broadcasted by European television companies – and some years later to the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra led by Abbado and Haitink. In the next turn it disappeared for seven freezing years. It left a hollow space which I filled with other studies. After that the musical summer unexpectedly arrived again, with the success in instrumental competitions and chairs in the leading orchestras in Finland. That’s the attraction of life; nourishing and tribulating in cycles like Northern nature.

Jukka Harju (b. 1975) is the principal horn of Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. He is in great demand as a chamber musician and orchestral soloist in Finland, performing the essential repertuar and new works dedicated to him. He teaches at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and gives master classes abroad.


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Northern Attraction
New Finnish chamber music for horn, violin, piano and voice
Jukka Harju, Sonja Fräki, Reeta Maalismaa Mari Palo

Matthew Whittall

1.Points of attraction (2007)

Veli Kujala

2. Lairë (2014)

Jukka Harju

Pohjoiset vedet (2015)

3.Prologi, Prologue

4.Paleltunut elegia, Frozen Elegy


6.Viimeiset jäänrippeet, The Rite of Spring

7.Pääsiäisikantaatti, Easter Cantata

8.Vedenylivoimaisuudesta, On The Supremacy of Water

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    Northern Attraction