Aichi Chamber Orchestra
ACO was established in 2002 by the members consist of young players who graduated from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. Currently it consists of devoted players mainly succeed in Tokai region of Honshu. For the concerts presented by themselves, they have held regular concerts and family concerts for parents and children every year from 2005. Have got high reputation for their well-prepared plays with music which are planned and directed by themselves. Furthermore, a lot of their concerts with workshops have gained popularity. Other than those above, they have done various kinds of concerts such as for schools, chamber ones for small ensemble, collaboration with choirs, opera, musical, and a variety of events.
In 2015, Yuri Nitta was inaugurated as a principal conductor. With her knowledge and experience, they have adopted Nordic classical music pieces to their regular concerts and have been making effort to pursue denser ensemble and to explore the sound of Nordic classical music.
On January 1st 2017, their recording of “Symphony no.3” by Gade, which was performed at the 14th regular concert / the inaugural concert of Yuri Nitta in February 2017, was broadcast by the NHK radio program “your whole new world of classical music”.

Was awarded the Art Encouragement Prize by Nagoya City. Some of their recordings such as “Symphony no.3/no.4” by Niels Gade have been on music distribution service by Naxos Music Library.

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