About Pilfink

Pilfink records is a JJ Voice Oy record lable. JJ Voice was founded on the 4th of June, in 1988 by Jukka Asikainen and Jarmo Kähkönen. The first ten years JJ Voice made radio commercials, recorded concerts and various artists. In 1997 the first official record was published. The record called Dizzy Fingers contained virtuosic playing by violinist Vasile Pantir and his Romanian friends.

The year 2000 the company took a prominent step forward as Pilfink records was founded and the record labels first album A voi voi  by Myllärit was published. A that time JJ Voice and Pilfink records didn´t have actual premises for making recordings and the final work for the recordings was done in a studio that was located in a garage. In 2003 it became clear that the company needed new premises in order to develop. Suitable premises were founded in Ylämylly in spring 2003 and the first recordings took place in the studio in 2004. In 2005 JJ Voice became JJ Voice Oy ( corporation ) and the company purchased the premises.

In 2003 Jukka Asikainen sold his share of the company to Juha Mitjonen and after the change of company form in 2005 eight other shareholders came along. In 2007 Pilfink records hired a new recording engineer.

The company continues to grow as in the near future new personnel is going to be hired. Some of our artists are internationally acclaimed and therefore also marketing abroad becomes very important. From the very beginning the company has focused on classical music, folk music and music on the margin. The genre of the music however isn´t as important as the artist´s obvious passion and commitment to the performed music. We value education and a wide musical know-how and we develop and update our professional skills regularly. Even though running a small record company is challenging the whole Pilfink team is 100% committed to develop our services. We have had the pleasure of producing musical experiences for 20 years now and we are looking forward to the years still to come.

Pilfink Records
Teerentie 6
80130 Joensuu, Finland
GSM +358(0) 500 917 928

Jarmo Kähkönen (hp)
Executive producer, recording engineer
p. +358 (0)500 917 928

Niko Jouhkimainen
Visulalizer: Photos, videos, graphic design and layout
+358 (0)44 082 2384

Hannu Korkalainen
Associate producer
p. +358 (0)50 540 6657